Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sewing mood percentage and pompom trim

I am so frustrated when I am like having 200% mood in sewing, I found out the fabric I have are not matched.

Ok ok, the fabrics that belongs to me are different from the fabrics which are planned to make clothes to be sell. Get it?

So, the only one I have is this one from Anna Maria. Actually I was aiming the one in pink but the one I ended up put in my cart was in this color. Its a bit chocolate and maroon. So I am a bit stucked to mix and match it. The rest of the fabrics are not enuff to make a skirt or the colors are just not in.

Then I was wondering if I dont mix and match maybe I can put some trim. And I would like to find this kind of trim. A pom pom trim. Only that I dont know where to get it?

Do you know where to get it? I saw many colors in the google. Do they have this in SSF?Or Bunga Riben?


Tinn Ishak said...

never saw it locally... i got my from china.. and only in cream color.. too bad huh.. malaysia dun have as many craft items as in china or bkk...


alamaya said...

mai...cari kat ebay...cam banyak ye..ada satu crafter tu borong borong barang dari ebay jek.

okinokiyo said...

tin,really ah?tu la malaysia kene dig out betul2 baru jumpa..but then napsu membuak2 tak der masa nak dig out places nak cari those. end up beli kat etsy.

jannah : i ada jmpa kat etsy gak. u nak ke?if u nak, i beli sekali tpi esok nak tgk kat bunga riben dulu...