Thursday, March 11, 2010

A girlish sunhat

This is one of my customer's sunhat. An adult sunhat :) I dont do adult's sunhat but I give this an exception because, she is my relative :)

I used same fabric for the inner layer because I dont have coordinate color fabric to match with this fabric.

Why I put this sunhat here is because I like the design. For me, its so sweet and the curves makes it so girlish.




Anyway, the sunhat already posted and hoping she likes it as much as I do!

Actually Im looking for this type of mannequin head - made from rattan to display my sunhats. I went up and down to mannequin shops but I cannot find them. Do you think I need to place order at the rattan shop??

Other option is this..Nice too right? I can make this on my own. But it will not emphasize the sunhat, am I right?

Please help.


alamaya said...

mai...kalau tempah mesti mahal...buat sendiri la..janji ada bentuk kepala orang...

Anonymous said...

satu cdgn. apron tu kalo leh buat adult apron to coordinate dengan anak punya pun lg best.

kepala bercorak tu nampak pelik. too much colors and patterns.

okinokiyo said...

jannah : ha plan mcm nak buat sendiri...

zam : eh apron tu sbnrya if ada request utk adult mmg i buat actually.before ni ada gak org request, so i buat :p

kepala bercorak tu pelik??xcunn ehh??hahaha

Anonymous said...

eh boleh ke special request. camtu i nak la. Nanti i email eh.

arifhayati said...

mai, cantik pattern topi tu...kain pun cantik...jahitan pun cantik..kesimpulan mmg cantik!

okinokiyo said...

zam : boleh cuma not main priority sbb tkt org confuse ni jahit barang budak ke mak budak. but if ada kosong, i slot in jek..

arif : haaa aku terasa nak buat utk aku jugak jek..haha gatal ke x? tp ada design lain yg mcm stylo lagi aku rasa org xnak pakai kot. aku jek :p