Sunday, August 8, 2010

I want to win this! Little Blue Boo: Back to School

Hi readers,

Look, I really want to win this! You know what, every morning, yes every single morning I will peek into this online shop and try to buy this dress but its always sold out.

Its so frustrating..can you see how beautiful this piece is? Its Ashley's piece of art where she silk screen the knit and turn it into gorgeous dress. So, when I read in her blog that she make this contest, I think, why don't I try it..Who knows I got lucky by winning it instead of buying it, right?

So I shared her FB page in my Facebook already and now I blog about it as well.How the winner is selected? Quoted from her blog :

Rules: The "referred" fan needs to leave a comment saying you sent them and they will win a prize too if your name is randomly picked!

So, if there is any kind readers out there who like her creation, do put her blog in your list and LIKE her FB page and comment in her blog that I referred you to her blog/page, I may be one of the lucky winner...No harm trying yeah?

Go go visit her page/blog. Awesome I tell you!

Have a nice weekend!


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