Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crafty Art Market - AWESOME *updated with photos*

It was awesome, thanks for those who came and bought the clearance items as well as the new items. I promise to come out with more sizes and selections for coming market.

Guess what, other booths were super! They have LOTS of handmade things- accessories, cookies, cards, paintings, clothings, raw supplies and many more. I didnt have many time to browse other booths coz too many people coming which is good, but still managed to spend buying new fabrics, some buttons and trims for new range of sunhats. Cant wait to experiment with it actually.

More beret is coming soon..I didnt expect many people would love the beret, tho.. so more sizes will come in the future..ok picture will come soon. And many many thanks to those who came yesterday... Love to actually meet you all in person..

A crafter/a twitter friend shared her items in my booth - chalk mat! Super love the chalkmat! You can see Nasya loves it so much in the FB album of OkinokiyoShop.

Let your little girl enjoy her pretend play with this felt crown!

5 new skirts and the rest are clearance! Im gonna come out with more sizes and designs, so have to let go the old stocks first.

Little birds - the pincushions

Entertaining customer - Faihah, forgot to introduce you to Michelle - booth next to me, she sells natural soaps. I bought 2 types for Nasya to treat her eczema. Did you see the little towkay eating ice cream next to me? :D

Kindersoaps ( booth next to me. It was so refreshing when her customers testing the natural soaps, smelling and lathering the oil, I can smell it too :) . My booth was in front of Starbucks and a bit shaded since I came early that morning to book the best spot.

Well, well, well...This is ONE of the booth I love. I purposely asked my husband to snap the pics to share with you all. The booth name LoveAndCraft ( I bought some knitted cotton here for some new beret for the next market..cant wait! Can you see selections of fabrics they have? From cotton to linen to knitted and some buttons..Die!

Last but not least, Sarah, a twitter friend - Mye's daughter, straight away wear the crown. This pic is from her mom's tweets that day. Can you see the decor of the booth? Cool right?

So, please dont sad, if you cannot make it last Saturday, there will be other market next month. :D Its at Empire Subang, 5th March. Will confirm the date later and will share it here. Some of the same vendors will be there some are not. So, why dont you come and see our creative Malaysian people. Just bring lots of money okay? :p


p/s- Thanks to Ira, the chalk mat owner to entertain Nasya and brought Nasya around with Mia & Mike and also for the Starbucks. Eh next time let me buy okay?


Anonymous said...

I was like a mad woman trying to go everywhre semlm. Incl nak go visit at crafty market. Unfortunately mmg x sempat lgsg. Good to know ada lg akan dtg. We'll try to make it next time yek.

alamaya said...

mai..sunhat dah sampai semalam.tq..cantik..kyra suka sangat..glad to hear that u have a great moment during the market....keep it up.....

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

zam : ok, see u there!

Jannah ; thanks for the purchase!

LizOthman said...

Hmm, miss lagi this time :(
...hope one day dapat pegi n may b join skali.....Bleh la knl2 dgn u, ;)

Good job dear!

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Kak Liz : Join la next time okay? Banyak sikit kids clothing. But you have to be member of Etsy dulu..

Another market is on 5th march. But dah close the reg..

Faihah said...

yup, i nmpk booth next to you selling soap for eczema, tp i mcm kelam kabut je ari tu, tk nk lama sbb takut my boy tu rimas, tp ptg i drop by lg sbb my aunty kirim brg. saw your booth ms tu crowded sgt. am happy for you. congrats mai...

ira said...

it was my pleasure babe.:)
nasya such a fun easy going girl,plus mia loves playing w her too.a bonus they both share the same interest - suka drawing!!

and thanks to you too for helping me out to sell those chalkmat!

i'll say it again, i LOVE your handmade skirts!

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

Faihah : Thanks to you too!!

Ira : thanks thanks thanks.. tak tau nak ckp thanks kat you mcm helped me a lot.

croft said...


Nice meeting u there. My daughter really LOVES the skirt.

Tak sabar pulak nak tunggu the next Crafty Art Market. Semua booth2 tu best, cute2 pulak tu.

syaf said...

mai, see u at empire next month.. sudah gila pegi craft bazaar ahah

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

croft : next time terus jek mention croft, i igt tau..hehehe

syap : datangggg lagi!! oh dah ada blog tp diammm jek!

Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said... time boleh g tgk bazar mai. nak join tp belum ada kesempatanlah mengumpulkan stok.

*loveandcraft said...

Oh dear. thanks for your compliment :)
My son love your felt king crown very much which my hubby got from your stall @ Empire