Monday, May 30, 2011

For the past one week

Here are some of the pics that I snapped last week. I tweet-ed them as well.

1. My buddy with the lamp. I didnt use the lamp when we were at the old apartment, but I do need this here. It helps much since I can only sew at nite. Without distraction. :D

2. I was re-arranging things until now, when I found out that, my fabric are only these. So little!

So, Saturday morning, I was so itch to went to fabric shop just to buy. But I didnt find the way, to the local shop. So, I went back home, frustrated. This morning, after breakfast and our usual routine - the wet market, we found the local shop - my husband was driving. And, Im happy that they have the polka dots as well.

3. I made something for my lil girl. 2 bloomers and a short pants. Initially to sew her pyjama pants. But I didnt notice I was cutting the bloomers pattern instead. So, maybe she can use the stripes for pyjama pants.
I still want to make a dress for her. One simple dress from this local fabric...I just cant wait to see her happy face tomorrow to get new pants. She did complaint that she wanted new pants.

And to those who already paid, your orders will be posted on Tuesday, tomorrow. I finished all of them, only that, pending the address, labelling etc.

Thanks yeah? Happy Monday!


alamaya said...

bestnya menjahit kann....i ni tgh tunggu hari..nak jahit bantal baby pun tak larat...huhu...

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

jannah : ohh satu2 la kan? relax2 and congrats on ur coming bby!