Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Okinokiyo in The Sun

It was May 2011 when I was contacted by The Sun writer to feature Okinokiyo in the paper. I love The Sun. It reminds me of my former company, and because the paper is so thin, so that is the only paper that I read from page to page :D

So, we met at Jaya One. Wern Jun was nice. It was a meaningful so-called interview because she herself loves handmade items too, so she knows why price is like that, we talked about fabrics, why I love making things for my daughter, the excitement of making handmade stuff...etc.

I cant believe that was me! hahaha . And Nasya of course will tag along. Only that she is not in the mood of taking photos that day.

But when the article was published, I was busy moving house :p, and Wern Jun also forgot to remind me but she did alert it to me on the day itself. But a twitter friend tweet about it on the day the article was out..

I do have the pdf version tho..

Thanks to Wern Jun for featuring me in my fav paper. :D


Siti Fatimah said...

Congrats mai!

sisdee said...

bangga tul *kembang idung* hahahahah