Sunday, July 3, 2011

Urbanscapes fever

I think Im gonna die. I cannot read the @urbanscapes tweets or I will die earlier. I dont want to know how many days left for the Urbanscapes coz we dont have the time.

Its about plus minus 2 weeks time between Markets & Urbanscapes and I need to come out with new things. But of course I have back ups. Back ups of what should I sell if I cannot make much hats. Its a gamble actually, but its a thing that have been postponed for quite sometime. And past 2-3 days, I managed to make 8 hats, which 3 of them have gone to the bin.

The 2nd nite, after 3 hats went to the bin

Some other things that will be there is the zipper bags. Multipurpose zipper bags - I have 2 myself in my handbag, my husband has 2 as well- he put all the medications/supplements *he brings whenever he was out of town* and he always buy the zipper bags from me, as a gift for his colleague.

But still I managed to homeschool my daughter in between this busy schedule. This time around she writes. Capital & small letters. eh?

The Bb Cc Dd in the 2nd row were my writings

And after Urbanscapes, I got 1 month to prepare for Markets in August. Die!

Lets complete some orders tonite!

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