Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brand new day

Today is a history. Im making a comeback to my career life where I need to work in the corporate world again, leaving my business life for a while.

Why? My husband's company has a problem where anytime he might not getting his monthly pay. So I sacrifice my comfortable seat and office at home, to work in this 9-5 job, for a while. Its a contract post and Im hoping that in the time being, he will get a better job.

I on the other side burst into tears when he first asked me IF i can go back. Who wants to work 9-5 and face the terrible traffic etc but when i sit down and think, I dont want to use all my profits and $ for business to pay all the household expenses. I will kill my own business, I cannot buy stocks, do R&D and working is a best solution.

Business, on the other side, is GOOD which I mentioned in ealier post "my schedule went haywire" because lots of orders coming in and I need to be fast in organizing things and time.

I love sewing so much, and I started to love the company Im working with. The enviroment is new, but the friends there is always in my heart. The company is actually my previous company, before we got outsourced..

Everybody is cooperating, Nasya is doing well at school, I got my freedom back, drive here and there with my car, but my time is so limited.

Today is the first day and Im hoping I will get the rhythm and still complete the orders within time. And surprisingly, I have lots of ideas this morning and now, and I cant wait to jot down and plan it.

Maybe what my husband said is right, I need to sit ON the business to think out of the box not IN the business to make it grow.

Wish me luck in this new chapter of life yeah?!


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Farah said...

good luck Mai..Insya-Allah everything will turn out well :))

SOHO Mama said...

Mai, if my husband asks me the same IF question...I seriously would have the same automatic response as you did. Thank you for letting me be the first ones to know. Even though hundreds of thousands of moms are doing this on a daily basis (jadi FTWM), it is a still a change for you..a big change. Hopefully Mai melalui transition phase smoothly. And I pray that your husband & Mai sekeluarga dimurahkan lagi rezeki.

I love the quote from your husband (sit ON the business).

Diyanazman said...

Mai u mmg isteri mithali... All the best to u, i believe u can excell both in your business and corporate career.. ;)

shambie adzhan said...

good luck dear!! jgn la tinggal bisnes menjahit ni.... maybe slow sikit tp jgn la tinggal terus. jahit sikit2 maybe during weekends ke ;)

(i absolutely love your creations!)

i pun kerja office tp sbb sayang nk tinggal hobi menjahit.. ku gagahkan jua hati ini. (seronok dpt jahit beg and ada org beli.. hehe rasa seronok bila menjahit tu yg priceless) :p

anyway, good luck and biggest warmest hugs from me!!

mast@work said...

good luck..

ada hikmah semuanya ni :)

Murni said...

Good luck Mai! *big hugs*

KS said...

oh mai.. this is real pengorbanan i must say.. insyaAllah ada hikmahnya. i wish all the best to you and your family and pray that everything will be ok again. :-) take care and hugs.

Yulie Elveera said...

welcome back to the world yg pening nk muntah (keje+meeting+business+travel) ..
we can do it! chayokk!!
-same boat-yulie-

Maizura Okinokiyo said...

shambie : jahit tak leave pun. slow down the pace. ni bersengkang mata ni ha. sbb ada anak kan, nak buat bento box dia lah, nak lipat kain dah sebulan xlipat ni lah. aihh tu yg kene slow sikit.

once get the rhythm, boleh speed up balik..

thanks the rest for the support, i ♥ u all so muchhhh!