Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where is the cutom made menu?

Hello all and happy new year!
Yeahh yeahhh I know I am super busy..Likewise..

I received so many emails asking where is the custom made menu? How to order and similar things like that. I know where this confusions coming from and I need to make some clarifications here...

I decided to pull off the custom made menu last few months due to work commitments that makes me work till late night and have no time to cut and sew things like that. So I thought ok, lets just make ready made hats. So I did. Few.

And I realized that, the one I made and the demand doesnt match. Predicted this as well.

So I think I need to switch it on again. But just to let you know the turnaround time might be longer. I will see my schedule this year, and hope it is not that clumsy and hectic like last year. And, custom made is open only few hats, the rest are ready made :p

You guys ok with this?

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