Monday, February 4, 2013

Handmade home

I know. I know that I have been neglecting the blog for quite sometimes..So here I pay it back :p

Anyway, just so you know, I love making things. I dont really make only stuff that people orders. You will get tired if you just focus on one thing and not doing some other new things, well that applies for me.

So we do some other craft and sewing some other interesting as well. I love to instill this in my daughter to let her know, you can make things on your own, but most of the complicated things still, I have to assist her.

Paper cut oven from the back of the magazine

Oh this book is a major love. So inspiring.

One of the content

Baby Alive new mini dress

Her handmade school bag that I have fix the zipper because earlier it has a problem when the teacher tried to zip it. Patter from Rae. Totally not for sale because it is so hard!

So looking forward till the end of the year and compile the things I have made through out the year other than the orders. Must be fun!

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Siti Fatimah said...

u mmg rajin & creative mai i suka tgk all your handmade :)
the bag super nice!