Friday, November 14, 2008

Focus baby..

Ok, before I jump to what application needed to be installed on the website...I mean the website thingy...I want to share on how to choose what you want to sell.

As in our bad experience, we lost almost 20K because we dont know what to sell, or I can say, we tried to be an anything-you-can-find-here online shop. However, we lost a lot of money and its not worth at all!

When you sell something, be focus. Dont try to be like me who was so eager last time. Its because, when people search in google, they will look for a specific items - example : kids photography instead of photography, or be more specific, cheap kids photography or kota bharu kids the ideas?

So in order to climb the page ranking, you have to do the "About Us" section perfectly, and stress a lot about your product, and dont forget to put in the meta tag (This I will elaborate later).
So, the conclusion is be focus in what you are selling.Selling clothes, what type of clothes?Focus can be in brand, design, theme, etc.Because so long you are focus in what you are selling, soon you will be the subject matter expert. Only by that time, you can try to look what other demand things in the market..which can be your another item to sell.

Till then ta-ta.

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