Wednesday, November 12, 2008

3 first important steps

Let me share how to start your own business.
Domain name
I first bought the domain through Then after I bought the hosting plan.

Hosting plan
What is hosting plan?Its a place where all your web pages and images are stored. I bought a hosting plan from Exabytes.

Click to see the package they have
It is recommended because of their fast response customer service.

Payment gateway
How customers can pay your product?As in, we use both online banking and credit card payment. When you have a credit card payment, this allow customers to spend more and its good for you.

The one we use is Worldpay
There is also 2checkout and the famous Paypal

The first 3 are all important..Then decide what your layout of website you want and I will continue with how to choose package of web system for your business.

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