Monday, November 17, 2008


Lets talk about funding.
Do you know how I fund the new businesses coming?From our fund. Its makes us proud but do you know how we fund

Its a big tragic history actually.We used my husband's money. He and his friend took a loan from a local bank to start their own business. Hubby was in the business for 1 year before he focus 100% to our baby

In my opinion, taking loans is much more better when you want to start a business rather than funding it using your saving. Whay I say so?It is because, in case the business didnt go well, you still have money to breath in and out and to pay the installment of the loan. What if you use your saving money and most of it gone?Unless, you $ is big, and you only fund less than 10% of your saving, that I think should be ok.

Ok, lets talk what choice do we have out there?
  • MARA
  • PUNB
  • Banks

I will discuss the one I know only and the rest you can refer to the website I guess...

Eligibility criteria
  • Business enterprise based on the definition of SMEs [Link];

  • Companies incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 (CA1965) or businesses incorporated under the Registration of Business Ordinance 1956 (RBO1956);

  • At least 60% of equity are held by Malaysians and

  • Possess valid premise license
For more information, please refer here


Eligibility criteria

  • Young Bumiputera Graduate
    • Less than 30 years old with at least diploma qualification from institution recognised by the government.;
    • Able to source own capital amounting RM500 for each project

  • Businesses
    • Wholly-owned and managed by Bumiputera ;
    • New business or business at the stage of expansion
For more information, please refer here

Theres a lot choices if you want to take a personal loan. HSBC, Standard Chartered, RHB, Bank Rakyat, etc..But please first check the interest rate ok?

I will continue this I got errands to settle...



Suriyanor said...

as inspiring as always..
i'm starting ny first step too...
one of the biz line is printing..
so mai, kalau nak wat high end biz card yg bleh letak gamba..or okinokiyo nyer paper bag, calendar..or anything yg need printing,dun forget to contact akak yek...
work from home rules! :)

noniey alias said...

hai mai. aku pun minat gak nak wat bisnes intenet ni. aku ada beli cd irfan khairi tapi masalah skrang aku takde idea langsung nak bisnes apa. camne ek?

kawan aku nak gi us bulan 1 ni. n aku dah bincang ngan dia nak jual barang2 yang just ada dijual di us. ok tak?

okinokiyo said...

kak yanor : yeehh work frm home ruless :p

noni : jual somthing yg ko suka..insyaAllah akan kekal carik apa yg ko suka..