Monday, December 8, 2008

The plan of

Ok, I will reveal here since this is my precious blog.

I am going to launch my new business related with clothing. However, the plan to kick off the project by Jan 09 I think will be delayed until February or latest will be June 09.

I thought that is easy...but its not. But I love all the obstacles in order to achive the mission. At first I couldnt find the tailor, and suddenly there was a long-lost-friend suddenly buzz me in YM saying hello. And we chatted and at the end of the day, she said, she sews!

I was so surprised and trust her ability to do my projects.. So from there on, we discussed about the project. Only the problem is, she is not staying here, I mean KL.She is in other state in Malaysia, but I still dont find a problem. I know with the technologies nowadays, nothing is impossible..or should I say Impossible is nothing for me...

With the support from husband and understanding from dear daughter,juggling with full time work and commitments, make me more tough to make sure all the dreams come true, InsyaAllah.

Ahh, and a designer of my dinner & raya dress contribute her advise and ideas as well in my projects...Can you imagine?I almost cried when she said, she can help and the next day she emailed me a long how to advise...

My family also gave their feedback after seeing the samples I bring home. My mom who at first seems to disagree of the ideas said that its nice and give me the honest constructive comment that I really want.

And then it makes me believe more in myself, that I CAN do this.Because other people believe in me, so why dont I?


kay said...

wow mai..this so impressing!!
xsabar plak aku rasa nak tunggu 'new year product' ko ni..good luck my friend :)

Nuraisha said...

kak mai dh wt private ek blog ceritera tuh?
me slalu follow...sorry la jd silent reader je...suka bace blog akak nih...
tibe2 pg ni cek xleh nk masuk plak...
blh xinvite me join ur blog?
thanx kak! =)

MamaLove said...

hai :)

erm..saya suke baca blog u nih..ttg biz + recommendations pasal holidays + etc

dah jd mcm yellow pages laks blog u ni bila me n family plan nak gi mana2..very useful :) thru ur blog ler i tau pasal baby photography from zubye :)

bleh tak invite i jadi reader blog u? :))

qnadhyrah said...

salam.. also silent reader..blh tak invite me to join ur blog...thanks