Sunday, December 21, 2008

My new skill

I learnt sewing (clap clap clap for me) from my MIL. You know that I am in the clothing line business. So I NEED to know at least something about clothing. No, I am not importing anything from other brands to sell here in Malaysia, but I dig a bit idea frm outside and bring it here in Malaysia.

So last nite I learnt sewing and managed to complete a ruffle pants for who else-Nasya lah.But I didnt managed to take a pic.Becoz:
  • The pants we (MIL & me) did last nite was from a simple but nice piece of cotton.
  • It was late already to ask her to pose and give nice smile :p
But anyway, I will continue the lesson again next week and will definetly post the picture here becoz I want to buy a proper fabrcis to make one for her.

Im hungry - continue later...:)


alamaya said...

hebat mai hebat...nak jual benda kita kene expert dengan benda tu juga...kang ada yang customer tanya kita ter err err err...hihihihi.....waa.tak sabar pulak nak tgk produk baru ni...

croft said...

hai, mai.

saya pun lately nih giler nak belajar menjahit. start drp buat tudung diy tu pastu terjebak ke embroidery plak...skang nih nak belajar buat baju pulak.

good luck eh.