Sunday, June 8, 2008


Okinokiyo is my nickname. I am a person who wanted to be an artist, but accidentally I am an IT executive of an international company.

I love arts & craft so much. I will not sit without doing nothing. I will spend non stop for any craft supplies. The only thing I am scared to venture is sewing. I always thought sewing was a tense process but now I am regret because I didn't learn it earlier...

Better late than never

So now, me and my long lost best friend who loves sewing as much as I do, plan to grow our skills and make dresses for our little ones. Moms always wants the daughters look beautiful. So lets play dress up.

Everything is a learning process, and I am sorry if I cannot satisfy others but hey, we make our steps and hope, one day we can make this our career and make it our brand.