Friday, June 26, 2009

My color wheel

I have the hard time sometimes in mixmatching the colors of the fabric. I always love contrast colors like pink and green, purple and yellow red and green but then, when the time comes for me to do the matching, it just didnt work.

The thing is, most of the fabric I have is the add-on one. Emm that is my terms for fabric to mix and match not the main one. Like most of them which I have are those with white based. Or most of them are polka dots, or most of them are floral and so hard to have like those can mix and match....Oh no, I got few but then only left less than fat q. S

So I think tomorrow Im gonna print this wheel so that I can stick it on the wall next to my sewing machine as my guidance. hehe

1 comment:

kaezrin said...

dat sounds great print n lekat kat dinding as ur reference