Saturday, June 27, 2009

Real Business vs Online Business

I have my reasons why Im doing online business.
Its because :
I hate to meet people.
Im a homey people.
I hate to wear nice hehehe.. but I love to see people wear nice clothes tho.I think I can use my IT knowledge so much in this area.
I can do 2 in replying client mail and YMing my frens or replying client mail and cook at home, something like that.

I love my current lifestyle. I dont think Im gonna change my lifstyle even if I have more money in the future. Comparing myself now and then, I think I use around the same price of clothes. Last time I got lots of shoes but now I only have 1-2 good pairs of shoes and use until they are torn. Some thing has change but then I dont think Im into that lavish lifestyle. It just does not suit me that well because I tried. Yes I tried.

People love money but they work hard to get money. I dont want to work hard. I want to work smart. I dont want to go here and there to get money, but I want to go here and there to make money. Making money and getting money is 2 different thing as from my understanding.

Author is a good example where they dont need to work that hard. Or maybe they work hard only once during the making of their book. But once the book is there and got in the hot shelves in the bookstores...they are rich. I got this from my husband who went to Azizi Ali workshop who said that his royalti is more than enough to be spent by his grandchildren. Isnt it great?

*Now Im thinking of writing a book :p*

Another example is our Kahwin.Net. The one we need to do now is the burning the orders in a VCD, put in the envelopes and wallaaahh..The hard time was once last 2 years. And the best thing is even the customer is not a repetitive customer, but people getting married everyday. And people dont think wisely about spending in their wedding. :)

So thats the reason why I dont do real business because I just think online business is just suit my lifestyle.


Alviana said...

i agree with you..
i'm struggling wit my full time work and my online business is just for fun apart from a little side income that i made.
gud luck to u :)

okinokiyo said...

hi alviana..true2.thanks for visiting my blog. :) good luck to u too!