Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Sticky Post : Giveaway time! Ended!

Ok friends & visitors..
Its my time doing a giveaway. Come on, lets have some fun here!

How to win a similiar bag like above? *Same fabric, same pattern, only nicer one as this one I gave to Nasya already LOL*
Its a sling bag using Anna Maria Horner's fabric. Just nice for coming hari raya, yey!

1. Copy the image to your blog.
2. Make an entry of
i)why you should win the bag and
ii)why you like my blog.
3.Mention in that entry
4.Drop a comment to notify me and the link back for me to review.

I will choose the winner based on the 4 points above..If the hit coming most from your post, you might have a chance to win the bag.

Or if your reason is 'best' as from my point of view :p you also might win

Or if I find it funny, or touching or anything on why you should be the one who deserve the bag hari-raya, you also will stand a chance.

Its that fair enuff?

Ok, and the due is this Saturday 27/06/2009 , 12 midnite as I will only have that time to review all the comments.


:: m.u.n.i.r.a :: said...

my new bag for hari ray *wink wink*
ku akan sebar2kan ke serata alam hehehe

:: m.u.n.i.r.a :: said... again :)
forgot to tell you laa..
i paste this giveaway in my column under giveaway&contest column!
if u want me to remove it please let me know ya!thanks..

alamaya said...

mai..dah buat dah entry pasal giveaway ni...hikhik.....bagi saya ok...

Idayu said...

salam kenal..
nk join la.
saya dh post n3 kt sini.

jemputla ^^

Atiqah said...

hye..i would like to join it

this is my blog..

:: m.u.n.i.r.a :: said...

ohhh entri yang amat menyentuh hati sudah siap dilakarkan

sudi-sudilah jengah yer hehehe

dan tinggalkan komen ya!

isabelle said...

thanks for the opportunity.
come check my entry...

yatie chomeyl said...

hi there, i've join this giveaway

feel free to visit this link in my blog

have a nice weekend ;)

Faihah said...

mai, dh buat entry psl giveaway ni. hehe....teruja sgt nk join wlupun di saat2 akhir.

Anonymous said...

waaaa...tertinggal keretapi...btw, cantik layout blog mai ni. sesuai dgn tema blog.... :)

-k long maisarah-