Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And the winner is...

Why she won?
Just read her entry below. Because after reading it, I feel more inspired to write my blog and to do more things..her entry just inspired me :) So I will dedicate this small token to her. Congrats Faihah!

This is the small token after wrapped with my humble biz card. :)

And to the rest, you inspired me too but I have only one item to give so maybe in the future, its your luck..and sorry for the late announcement because life is so miserable for me lately.

Have a nice day friends...

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melorr said...

oki! you know what, I've printed the picture of Megan's spools rack and ribbons rack last week. I went to this one hardware store nearby my house and ask them to prepare things that i need to build something like that ahahaha! Yet they did help! So this weekend I'll be "bertukang" and let's see if i can build my own spool rack. Will keep you posted on the status and might write a tutorial if the project run smoothly hihi!

*relief when i know somebody out there also craze about craft or sewing room like me \(^_^)/