Monday, July 6, 2009

I won it!

Today was not that good. I was tired setting up my machine to make it work and it took a lot of time and effort to do that. After calculated, I found out I wasted almost 1/2 day doing nothing.

The good thing is only I received the gifts below from shambijoux. I participated in the giveaway for the first time and I won.

So apart from my tired day for the whole month of July, there is also a good day in my 'craft' side of life.

Shambie gave the nicely done July planner pouch, the August planner and a half yard blue English cotton which Im gonna use to make a hari-raya bag for Nasya.

So, envy me people! :p


Atiqah said... by the way..have u announce the winner of ur giveaway contest..i'm afraid i miss it as I'm getting busier with my campus life..

shambie adzhan said...

hey dear, glad u've received the package!

was so busy, tak sempat nak bgtau trackcode pakej tu :p hope you like it dear ;)

xox, Shambie

elly said...


bleh tak nanti buatkan skirt utk baby i. hari raya nanti umur dia 5 bulan ++.

okinokiyo said...

Atiqah : I just post an entry announcing the winner.

shambie : love it to the max!

elly : i will put the skirts for sale by end of month or early august yeah..

melorr said...

ala jeles nyer oki!