Monday, July 6, 2009

Business cards

Whenever I buy fabrics or buttons, usually the sellers will give their business cards. Here are some of the BC which I managed to snap. Pretty huh?

So being me who is always wanted some pretty things for myself too, I designed mine as well. And already sent them for printing. And cant wait to reveal mine :P

No, the reason is, Im coming up with the collection anytime soon, so I wanted to have a proper packaging, so one of the thing I want to put in is the business card.

Ohh I cant wait he he he


ordinarymummy said...

Mai..buat BC kat mana? harga mcm mana? TQ.

okinokiyo said...

buat kat printing shop biasa2 jek :p harga dia tak tau la mahal ke tak ek..

matt paper 280gsm kot front and page RM42 for 100 pcs..