Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good tips from Etsy

I dont do much today .I have a very bad headache and not enough sleep. So I've been sleeping for few hours due to that. Now Im a bit ok and hope can finish the #3 project ASAP.

I dont know others but I subscribed the Etsy's newsletter. And I always looking forward their tips and tricks. And this is the one I think should share with others out there.

And I wanna add some other things in my Etsy shop!

July 2, 2009

Many of you enjoyed my Most Helpful Forum Threads email from a few weeks back, so I've collected a few more threads for you to read and join in on. And hey, if you see a helpful thread, send it my way! You know how to reach me:

Top Seven Recent Forum Posts

.1. Want to take GREAT product photos, I may have the answer!!! by BuyMyCrap
So, the other day I purchased an expensive camera. . .I ended up taking it back, and stuck with my original camera because I found a cheaper, simpler solution.

.2. Advertising Ideas by cocoapod
Feel free to add other ways to advertise in the list, by copying and pasting the LATEST list in your message and simply add your suggestion in the bottom of the list.

.3. Here's HOW I got my work in STORES! by PlumeAdore
For those wanting to get your products in stores and grow your business with some wholesale work, here is what I'm doing.

4. 20 questions YOUR BUYERS are asking!! by sparklerama
.Etsy is full of amazing and beautiful things. It would be a shame if your beautiful work didn't sell because your description of the item left your customers scratching...

5. Average sales, advertising, and target markets by CopperLeafStudios
Okay. Let's talk turkey. Selling is hard. Selling online .can be even harder. But it's not impossible, you just have to change your thinking a little.

6. Twitter Background How to: Display your Etsy Mini by HomemadeZen
As you know Twitter can be a powerful tool to promote your Etsy shop, so why not display your products in .your profile background?

7. NEWBIES ~ Here's a few Etsy tips for you by CavanaghCraft
Hi there. I just gave a few tips to a newbie seller and I've started helping my sister-in-law prep for opening her own Etsy store. Since I had these tips handy...

Also in. the Etsy Forums this week: a call for your ruby red Etsy items. Nominate your favorite deep red items to be featured in the July Shades of Ruby Gift Guide.



P.S. Want to share your knowledge with others? Check out TeachStreet, a cool way to connect teachers with students. If you list a class, workshop, or lesson you'd like to teach on TeachStreet and add the Etsy Mini widget to your profile page, you'll be entered to win an iPhone 3G. Fancy! Head on over to the Storque to find out more!


alamaya said...

tak penah lagi beli barang kat etsy..survey selalu...jatuh cinta kat fabrik selalu sangat...hahaha..tapi harga dia mahal skit kan.....tapi memang lawa laaa...

Idayu said...

tq for the info..^^

okinokiyo said...

jannah : etsy good place to get ideas and get isnpired..takyah beli pun takper..

idayu : ur welcome dear..:)