Friday, July 3, 2009

What is your best friend?

Yes, Im asking what not who. What is your best friend during sewing or cutting or pattern making? Mine is the remote control. I do my thing in front of the TV. So I need to have my favourite channel turned on. But I cannot put my favourite shows on TV else I will do nothing!

Its ok if its cartoon, or bored soap opera as long as the TV is on. Anybody has the same habit as mine?

Next is the pins.. I don't have pin cushions. I'm planning to do mine but I haven't started since I don't have the emm filling?Is that what its called?Im not sure..Soon and once completed, will definetly share it here..I saw some simple and nice pin cushion tutorial in the website.

Actually Im working on with item #3 project.

This is the first time I read through the book and instruction from A-Z and I finished doing the cutting already. Since its late now, I think I will start the sewing part Monday next week...Too long right?Because we are going back my hometown this weekend. I just hope we can bring back the machine so that I can do something there..

But at the same time I want to refresh myself from the hectic work in the office, playing with niece and nephew, chatting and gossiping with mom and sisters and shopping more fabrics!And best of all mom home-cook food!

I love every single seconds in my life. :) Happy Friday y'all!


Faihah said...

mai, buku tu nmpk mcm sgt menarik la. wlupun hanya pndangan sisi this the book by amy butler tu, tajuk nye alamak lupa la..sewing for kids nye ye??

seronok kn pndai mnjht ni. i wish ada talent tu, tp i think sume org blh blaja kan..but first thing yg kena ada is mesin jht yg i idam2kn selama ni huhu.....

Unaisah Azlan said...

hahaha, kita sama, only i had to move my best friend to the next room because we had too much fun together, oh i miss my best friend so so much.

okinokiyo said...

Faihah : That is Anna Maria's punya buku. Amy butler punya ada masalah sket utk i follow :p

Unaisah : hehehe ur fren must be missing u too!