Thursday, July 2, 2009

The making of ...

...I have yet to think what should I call this skirt. Yes, its a skirt. But I dont have any name yet.

This is the making of the skirt for Nasya. Im coming out with my skirts collection anytime soon. So I am so busy like a factory worker doing measurement, cutting and etc all by myself without my ruler. Not sure where the weekend maid move my ruler. So I just use the tape.Hmm..

I am still wide awake now at 2am in the morning and tomorrow is working day and I dont know my daughter's waist measurement. Because I need her to be the real model so that she can try few times because she has a big tummy :) .

This is sort of new color for her apart from her normal blue jeans skirt. I love the fabric so much. It has peacock printed on it with orange and green colors as well. And Nasya keeps saying peacock for Im-not-sure-how-many-times. Cute.

And its not only totally blue. I matched it with Tina Givens's yellow fabric as suggested by my husband and it really looks nice and happy. Happy colors. I love to call it like that.

And Im not sure to let her wear this during one of my cousin's wedding in 2 weeks time or just wait for Syawal. What do you think?


alamaya said...

if me..i will let she wear during your cousin wedding sebab macam tak sabar nak tgk...hihi

okinokiyo said...

ohh yeke, okla mcmtu tgk ada x top yg matchy2 utk this skirt..tpi sayang laaah