Thursday, July 23, 2009

New fabrics and cut her chin

My sewing plan was interrupted by some 'thing' tonight but I was happy too as I can help my husband packing for our customer who ordered her daughter's birthday paper bag.

Anyway, during lunch hour today, I went to the post office to collect my parcel. Happened to be, the parcel arrived when I was not at home last Saturday. I went out early morning for the storage hunting.

As expected, I received the fabrics I ordered from Etsy. Do you have experienced buy anyhing from Etsy?I love Etsy so much that I sometimes think I'm addicted to it. I can only read the newsletters but I cannot look for fabrics too often, else, I will easily click the "Add to cart" button... =)

For Eid celebration this year, I will sew all my daughter's clothes. I already bought all the fabrics and presenting some of them...Yes, some.. I told you Im a bit addicted...OMG OMG!! =)

1) Micheal Miller's

2) Anna Maria Horner's

3) Alexander Henry's

And my daughter fell down and cut her chin. =S


Jess said...

i ever bought from etsy too! love the quality...too bad, after adding in shipping cost, become a bit pricey!!


shambie adzhan said...

waa.. love the Micheal Miller's Print ;) it will be cute for you daughter!!

hehe i have the 3rd prints too.. but i didnt know that the prints were too large.. initially i want to make a big clutch. i guess tote is much better right :p

happy sewing dear!

okinokiyo said...

Jess : yeah a bit pricey, but the prints different from here tu yg satisfying..:)

shambie : yeah the print out besar, tpi nasib baik i dah expected..hehe so nnti semua org baca my doter punya dress..haha

eh large clutch ok apa..yg oversize punya..glamsss you!

Faihah said... sbr nk tgk outcome nye...

okinokiyo said...

Faihah : hahaha i pun tak sabar nihh kekkee