Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sewing storage hunting

Im going to hunt for storages for my fabrics, threads, buttons and many more embellishments this weekend. So I surf few other websites to get inspired and see how they organized their stuff.

Picture taken from the source (can be found when you click the images)

Fabric storage
1) I like this one because the color combination is so bright and happy. Fabrics are organized by rolls in the tiny bucket and neatly folded in the shelves. I like the vintage mini bag in the 2nd tier of the shelves too!

2) This is more to the embellishments and accessories organization. I plan to have the tiny buckets like those near the phone but not sure whether the big boss of the house agree or not. And there are lamps in the wall shelves. Pretty!

3) This is a practical one since fabrics are organized according to colors. Only that, do I have that space?

4) This is super duper cute!! I thought of getting the bookshelves for my lil darling to store her story books but seems that I can use that too for my storage!Hehehe

Thread storage
My current thread storage is like a mess! Mess because the thread don't have a standard size and the storage is smaller than the thread in terms of height, so the lid cannot close properly. Which end up, I stashed so many things on top of it. So, I'm looking for a practical one and important of all, easy to access.

1) Crystal clear box like this is the one I'm looking for! I hope I can find one like below this weekend.

2) This one also another option since it has a lid but don't know where to find it here in Malaysia, or to be specific, KL.

3) Anybody has this kind of storage? Same as the first one, this is a standing version of thread storage. So cute!

For those who thinking to get inspired from others, this is the link which I think is worth to check out!

Buttons Storage
I think will find one like this from Ikea. Its cheap and practical. And she got nice studio too!

Take care you all!


melorr said...

more on megan's craft room

can't wait to start my spool rack project this weekend.

melorr said...

Oki..just to share with u. I print out the pic. of megan's spools rack and went to a hardware store nearby my house last week to get things i need to build something like that eheh! Yet they did help! Will keep you posted if my project run smoothly this weekend! Have fun with your storage hunting this weekend!

okinokiyo said...

Melor : Do share if the shop manage to do it for you yeah? I cant wait to do my hunting tomorrow!

Unaisah Azlan said...

bestnya pegi storage hunting, i need some more storage gak.. nak ikutt!!

okinokiyo said...

unaisah : eii u ada bilik besarrr kalau i jadik u dah lama i shopping storage..tpi i sekangkang kera je tau!

Drama Mama said...

i love pic 1 and 2..the blue walls make the room looks cheerful. boost up ur spirit tuk menjahit, no? the storage for no 2 looks organized, senang nak cari benda..kan?

okinokiyo said...

Drama mama,
haa i like the bright colors tu mmg mcm kene alert jek xla sayu malap jek nak buat kerje hahaha

Anonymous said...

ini mcm kena buat renovation besar2an aje.

okinokiyo said...

zam : itu reno kat rumah baru inspiration jek haha and berangan lebih2