Monday, August 31, 2009

Banging my head

I always try to look for best lasting pattern if I buy from Etsy. But then, I notice that, I will not find one if I browse through the list of beautiful fabrics. I need to plan even before I logon to Etsy!

So, I need to make sure what type of pattern Im looking for before even browse them. My all time favorite seller is fabricsupplies. The couple, Lindsay & Charlie have a big selection of fabric from different designers where I have trouble every time I browse their collection. As if I want to buy everything or every new fabric coming in to their store!

This time around, I set my mind. I wanted to look for polka dots. Happy, bright, colorful and cheerful polka dots. So I found myself picking those from Michael Miller's collections. But I only planned to buy 3 patterns/colors. So I asked my husband's opinion. Since he is part of the business, so he gave me the ideas. He said, it must be bright and cheerful. Because only kids wear colorful and cheerful dresses. He is sooo right.

These are part of my favourites. I had hard time making my final decision. But I made it anyway. Hopefully, it turns out to be a very nice looking skirts/pants!

fabricsupplies are so nice people. You can have a peek to their stores and start drooling :p

On the other note, yesterday I asked my brother to snap pictures for my (soon to be sold) skirts. Yeah only skirts and few pairs of pants & tops. So he asked me, "Are these made for beach wear?"

Then I asked him back, "Why did you said so?" He said "Because its very bright and cheerful I never seen this kind of skirts in the street."

After that I really excited because that is my intention earlier - to make lines that are rarely seen in the market - a cheerful and bright clothes. They can be wear anywhere, not only at the beach though!


Anonymous said...

Groovy dots tu mcm dah ada kan? My fav wud be Disco Dots by MM.

okinokiyo said...

zam : haah Disco dots tu mcm menarik gilerr..dah order tak sabar betul nak suh sampai..

my collections xbleh kuar dulu laaa sabo jek laaa...kene tunggu after friday