Sunday, August 2, 2009

A family celebration and a table cloth

I went back my hometown last weekend to attend my cousin's wedding. And tomorrow is my mom's birthday. So, being me who only spent like few times a year at my parent's house, I thought of celebrating her birthday one day earlier which is today.

I asked my sister to buy the wet ingredients the night before while I was still can't make up my mind what to cook for the so-called celebration. So I surf the net to find out the simple and best recipe which end up I mixed this and that and tadaaa...I made my own recipe.heheh.Grilled chicken with veges (carrot cuts, brocollies and potatoes), black pepper sauce, mushroom soup and my own recipe of spaghetti and sweet sour gravy which end up my sister and my mom asking me what is the recipe hehehehe.

Then, I asked my sister to prepare the dining table and we found out that mom don't have any decent and good looking table cloth! Can you imagine that?hehehe and the only one look nice and can fit the table is the blue table cloth which I think aged almost 5-6 years or was it 10 year old table cloth?

And here I am thinking, should I make a table cloth for her? No, not should, I will make her one. And Im browsing the online shop hoping I will make her one nice and fabulous table cloth.

This is one which I think is soo nice and gorgeous. But the color might be too bright for my parents' house. And I know my mom loves purple so much. She has so many purple clothes and she can wear a purple baju kurung I gave her when I was still in form 5 I think because of the color..hehe

I miss my mom already..And hope I can complete one simple table cloth by the Eid...Pray hard. :)

*Update* I bought this for the table cloth project. Nice huh?


Siti Fatimah said...

cantek lah table cloth tue mai.... i pulak i berkenan hehehe....

okinokiyo said...

siti : lawa kan?ceria jek tak mcm normal table cloth

Drama Mama said...

she's one lucky mom :-)