Monday, September 7, 2009


Finally I think, I need to just show at least one skirt as below. The rest are going to meet the big boss first before I published them all here.

Anyway, this time around, I didnt make any tops or dresses. I focus only in skirts and pants...My concept is as usual mix and match and bright colors. And I made my mind to only go on skirts and pants. Be it bloomers or 3/4 or long long as they are bottom wears.

The one shown is a 3yo skirt. Combination of blue peacock fabric and orange stripey fabric. This time around I made these all by myself. I didn't sought any outsider help because I need to challenge myself in order to make this hobby a serious business. And I did. But it takes lots of time because one of my parcel lost in the delivery and I need to do another order to replace those, machine problems and some other problems. I'm OK with that and will take that as a challenge or obstacle to reach the destination I'm aiming for.

The right top one is the skirts I managed to sew during this weekend. Left one is the merry go skirt and the right one is a new design. I found out the new design a bit serious..So if many people looking for it, I will do more in the future, else, I will go for the simple and fun patterns.

The bottom left and right are the skirts that going to meet the boss tomorrow. I managed to get a proper plastic wrapper from Jalan Kenanga and some of them nicely put in the plastic.

Total of the skirts are (let me count..) 9, with 1 three quarter pants and 4 pieces of bloomers for baby aged 6-12 months. But out of 3 skirts, I took 2 for Nasya already so that she can wear it when I shoot those properly. I don't know when to arrange the session because seems that weather didn't cooperate much with me.

Nasya with the similar blue peacock skirt

So, mothers, aunties, daddies or whoever out there just wait if you want to see the collection this time..I cant wait to show to all even tho they are pieces that I proud of...

Bye and wish me luck.

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alamaya said...

waa.bravo mai bravo...lawa tu...yang top tu pun jahit sendiri ke?