Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Online business tips from Okinokiyo : #5 - Banking account

Before I forgot. Just want to share here - we just created a new company and new banking account. Previously all money went to Kahwin Dot Net Enterprise account. But now we formed a new company. Why? Because we want to make sure all these brands are under one umbrella.

The new company name is The Leelo Shop.
The new account name is The Leelo Shop as well.

Ok, there is a story behind I will share later.

Now the money will go to one account, The Leelo Shop account. I shall put the payment details in the payment section later.

So, please dont be surprise, if we redirect your payment to The Leelo Shop account in the future.

So, bottom line is, The Leelo Shop is the parent to : Kahwin. Net, Mybirthday and Okinokiyo.

How we created the new banking account?
Choose which bank you want people to bank in the money. We chose Maybank because of the ease of using Maybank2u. We will have CIMB as well in the future for CIMBclick users.

Get the form from the person in charge.

You will get 2 forms. One form looks like small card. You need to get an introducer in order to open a Company account.

Introducer can be :
1) Any individual with current account with that bank.
2) Any company with the company account(like ours-Kahwin Dot Net Enterprise) with the speciment chop.

Provided that :
More than 6 months old
No cek tendang issued by the individual or the company. (Meaning must have clean records)

I asked my frined to be the introducer because we threw away the speciment chop for Kahwin Dot Net since we didnt use that chop anymore. So, to save time, I asked my friend to be the introducer and done.

You also need to bring all the company registration certificate and details you got when you registered it with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia at The Mall (for KL & Selangor people).

Dont forget to bring you IC along because they will verify your thumb print as the final process.

Once they submit the application, they will contact you and provide you the account number.

But me, no. I myself called the bank and followed up asking whether our account has been created or not, and they confirmed that its done. Phew..

Ok, next step is you need to bank in amount of RM2K to the account in order to get the cheque book.

After they see money is there, they will issue a cheque book in 3 days time.

And you are done. When collecting the cheque book, do not forget to create a Maybank2u account straight away.

From my experience, the Maybank2u account cant be use to transfer money but you can monitor the cash flow.

You need this cash flow statement when you want to get a loan or grant to fund you business in the future.

Ok, I think Im done, go create your bank account NOW :)


Faihah said...

congrates mai...ckp2 u bkn angan2 semata...i like....

furbycutee said...

Hi Mai..

Maybank2u for sole prop/sdn bhd account sama jer mcm personal account. boleh transfer sana sini n byr bil mcm mana2 online banking services.

okinokiyo said...

faihah : nnti i share benda lain pulak yeh

ain : ohh i think i limit the option to withdraw the money via maybank2u kot..tu yg i got no access to trnsfer money utk 3rd party. thanks to let me know that!!