Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week 2 - What Nasya wears

Ok, we did some photo shooting this week. And Sunday is a usual groceries day. So, before I share more about photo shoot we did, I will share what Nasya wears.

Its a knee length pants using a pink camouflage from Michael Miller. Got two pockets at the back and the other two pockets at the front.

Ok, Im gonna choose pictures of yesterday photo shooting now..Stay tune yeah!


Faihah said...

nice fabric...pants ni sama mcm kat yr etsy tu ke??

Anonymous said...

wonder camne rupa dia if berdiri ek?

Zura said...

untung nasya ni tau..she's like the best dressed toddler! cute fabby for the pants!

okinokiyo said...

faihah : no this one different dr yg etsy. Yg etsy tu for babies.

This one, I ada one piece je utk 1 yo. Nasya wears for 2yo.

zam : nnti i carik ada tak full length pic sbb makcik ni kan xreti diam kan so gambarnye ada blur2 pun ye.

zura : u untung gak apa..u kan good at sewing too!