Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoes hunting

Ever since the photoshoot, I knew that I need to find shoes for my LO because her shoes is wayy to tight. She currently has 3 shoes - One is crocs , one is Clarks and another is Adidas.

We put her shoes based on what she will be doing that day, if its for casual outing, we let her wear her Clarks. We bought her clarks last year around Nov. Crocs just for pool-wear so that she will not slipped and Adidas is for running and jogging in the park.

So when she asked me to take off her shoes in the restaurant, cried her heart out loud to take off the shoes in the car then I knew that she is getting bigger and its time to find another shoes for her.

While at the same time Im looking for perfect general shoes for the next coming photo shoot, so I browsed to few websites just to see what are the trends now. Not that I need to follow the trend, but just for my own information. As for kids, I think they can wear anything anytime, because still they look cute.

Here are some of shoes Im drooling :p I dont mind if there are any independant or cheap shoes look like below, I will still buy it, but need to be comfortable enough to be wore for daily use.



Seed Australia

Walnut Melbourne

So I need to see this weekend if they have this in store or not and if its comfortable I might buy it hehe

Have a nice weekend!

p/s- Picutres are from GAP, Monsoon, Walnut & Seed


YaNie said...

mai .. i was wrong...Monsoon & Accessorize opening soon at OU :) .. happy hunting :)

yulies said...

mai, aku kenan yg polka dot tu.. nnti kalau jumpa ke bgtau harga ye.. TQ

okinokiyo said...

yanie : wahh so meaning I need to wait laaa until Monsoon & Accessorize open soon.

Yulie : ada kat website, ko nak beli online tak?haha