Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our status as of today..

I received my buttons order, my 2 bulk fabrics order and another bulk came today thru the guard house. And Im still waiting for another bulk to arrive which I hope will arrive by tomorrow.

Im also busy with the designs need to apply for next two 2 lines, what and which trims should I put together, what color combination, who is the next mini model wanted to be featured, which is next location for photoshoot, who is the next photographer I need to ask and how is the promotion I need to do to make people aware of my own brand.

While my husband is also busy making sure the online payment can get thru, making sure that all the template for the website are correct, making sure the cash flow is always positive or not THAT negative, editing the pictures and planning to formalize another 2 websites..


And we are tired - indescribably tired.

At the same time, we make sure the LO will not be left behind. We make sure she is always part of the process, make sure she is always be our priority and number one. We make sure she is healthy and active and talkative.

We need to make sure that both family of ours are not being put aside, we make sure friends are always around, phone calls are always being answered or returned, sms are always replied, emails are always replied and entertained.

And definitely we, the small family of 3 always being thankful to to GOD that makes all this happen and smooth for us.

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yulies said...

i know u can do it dear.. jalan terus jgn Pandang2 Belakang ;)