Sunday, November 15, 2009

New release - Vintage Look-alike skirts

Hi all,

Okinokiyo releasing the Vintage Look-alike skirts..There are 7 designs and 1 from the previous Love the Earth line.

Size available are from 1 to 3 unless stated otherwise. Feel free to browse and buy with confidence. All are handmade with love and passion. :)

Purchase can be made via the website and payment can be done either with Maybank2u or credit cards.


Ummi365 said...

I went to mango and tango purposely to view your skirts yesterday. They are lovely, too bad my daughter has grown, if not I would have bought one. keep it going girl.. they are really really lovely, and the price is also affordable..

sisdee said...

MAI..tgh dok pilih2 nie...emmm..sarah suruh pilih satu dia pilih 4..melampau!!..nnt k.daya email klu confirm ek..:)

Si Anggerik said...

aku skerk yg ada reben tuh.