Sunday, November 1, 2009

Online business tips from Okinokiyo - #6 - Company

Hello crafters! I totally didnt notice that I have not put any guide on how to register a company. How bad am I..sigh~

Anyway, since we re-brand our company last 1st September , I snap a few pictures during the processes even not very detail.

Here are some of the guide.

You can go to any nearest SSM to your hometown. SSM stands for Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia. Ok I admit that the website a bit confusing since so many menus and guides :p but those staying in KL can go to The Mall, Kuala Lumpur since the SSM located at Level 2 of the building.

So we went there on Monday, very early morning. I purposely took leave and go there. You have to bring a photostat copy of your IC and go get the number.

This was sample of the forms..And you have to prepare at least 3 names of your business. Because if let say, one name is rejected or taken by other people then you can use others. I saw one couple wanted to register their business and they was arguing for not preparing the names in advance. You need to think fast so I will advise you to think it earlier.

I came very early around 9am and the counter is so empty. If you come after 10, you will never see any empty counter or even empty seats because there are so many people there, everyday.

Different counters have different functions based on the numbers. Basically the most left one are for payment purpose and the most right one is where you need to pick up your certificates once you done with everything.

You will get 3 piece of papers :
1 - your company details - stated the company number, company name, company location
2 - the owner details - your name, your address, etc
3 - business details - what business you are doing and related information.

Tips :
  1. Usually there are men outside the SSM waiting and calling you asking whether you need their help in registering the company, but I will advise you to do it yourself so that, in a case when the company name is rejected, you can make the decision yourself what name you wanted.
  2. You will know the feeling after you went through the process :p after all you are the owner what?
  3. You can ask anything you have in mind to the officer in charge.
  4. You can tell other people how the process is just like what I did now.

And later after everything done, just go another level up, you can straight away do the company stamp and business card! All in under one roof.

Happy Monday!


neeza said...

bagusnya entry ni.. ni barula sharing is caring.. :-)

alamaya said...

mai..nanti buat entry pro dengan cons register company dengan tak register...boleh tak? hehehe...
pastu mai kiranya u daftarkan the leelo shop pastu in detail baru u ceritakan pasal biz u yang 3 tu sangat tak tahu pasal ni...

okinokiyo said...

neeza : ye ni sharing is caring ni heheh

jannah : ok & cons..hehe nnti i citer lagi ok?

Azie said...

thks for this entry, as an eye opener & info. kot one day nak register my own company, hik hik..