Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rebrand story

This is a long story. I will make it short before you readers out there getting bored. All above are our babies. KahwinNet was the first baby and then came Mybirthday and the youngest is Okinokiyo.

All this while we use Worldpay services for customers to pay KahwinNet product via credit cards, but then the fee is too high for WorldPay, but we wanted to maintain that because we invest this WorldPay since 2005. So, we came out this solution to rebrand the company to one new name that is general and can use that general name in all the businesses we have now and the future.

So, this Leelo came out. Leelo is a history to me & my husband. I will reserve that for another entry. :)

So, in this rebrand story, we have to go all over the process again from registering the company name, opening new bank account and divert all the payment to new bank account and most important of all is the back end credit card payment which take quite sometime because the programmer which is my husband forgot how he did previously :p. And its finally solved.

So, you will not see any Leelo Shop brand at any of the products, but Leelo may come out with many brands in the future.I have lots of idea that I think my brain almost exploding and begging me to stop thinking for at least one second :p

So conclusion is, I will suggest to those who are planning to get a name for the business to think of a general unique name because that is a brilliant idea comparing we (me & my husband) who initially use Kahwin Dot Net Enterprise as a business name. :p

Wait for the next entry - when, where and how I register The Leelo Shop. Good nite crafters!


Azie said...

hi okinokiyo,

i'm interested with your Leelo Shop and hope you could share your abt your Leelo Shop. actually i been using this nick - Lilo, as my most online id. so bila baca abt your Leelo Shop is sounds like Lilo kan.

but dun wori, i'm not going to use Lilo as my company name. m thinking of other name, hik hik..

okinokiyo said...

Azie : Leelo is just a name of the company. Im ok if your company or your nick also Lilo because my mission is to come out with varities of brand under Leelo Shop umbrella. Its like McD under Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn Bhd. Sapa tau pun that company, but everybody knows McD.

All payments and any other formalities between us and the other companies, we use Leelo name and Leelo carries 3 brands at the mo and in the future will bring more and more.

Thats all about it.