Friday, November 6, 2009

Why I want my own company

There are few reasons, and I will give you my own reasons which are as below :

1) I have a plan to have my own craft company. Last time during my confinement, I watch Martha Stewart show every day at 10am in the morning because I was glued in front of the tv while breastfeeding Nasya.

So I need to have a legal company to make at least 0.01% of my dream come true.


2) Because if I want to apply any loan for business purposes like the loans offered by PUNB, one of the requirement is to have at least 3 months cashflow to your bank account. Bank account here meaning the company account.


In order to create a company account, you need to be registered as a legal company with SSM where the 3 documents are required for them to make a validation with SSM.

3) When I want to sell my products to another company like what I did to Tango Mango, I didnt represent myself, I represent my own company. It looks like you are doing a serious business not just simply a hobby and at the same time customer will have the trust to pay high for your product.

4) Having a company indirectly makes me want to work hard for every cent I spent in order to create the company, create the company account.

5) Having a company, you can tell everybody that you are the owner and the CEO. Its an achievement for yourself, and you have to work hard for it. You can react, plan and do everything like you are doing for your boss now, only you can slow/fast forward the speed, or change the direction where ever you want depending your own limit.

6) You are bound to law. In case a customer didnt pay you, you can make a police report because you have a right, when you sell a product or serve the customer, you should get pay.

That are few reasons why I registered my company.

Hope this entry will help you make your decision whether to have or not to have YOUR own company.

Happy day~


mama_alifsarah said...

so inspiring.. dah lama becita2 nak buka my own company tapi masa belum mengizinkan... we do have same interest but i rather buat kecil2lan.. hope 1 day i boleh jadi cam u :D... nice knowing u!

okinokiyo said...

hi thanks for visiting..and hope ur wish come true one day..