Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of 2009

I cant remember when was the last time i bought fabrics. Think maybe last few months. I still have like 6 unused fabrics in the stock.

But now suddenly im thinking to buy more..hmm but im looking for fabrics with abstract printed design like the beach dress i made for nasya. I saw one last nite while browsing the hawton threads website but havent made any purchase yet.

Sometimes i just being bias and buy fabrics from a popular designer especially my favorite Anna Maria :) but this time around I might give HEather BAiley a try. I like her Nicey Jane collection..

PRoduction went so slow this time around because I focused on something else lately and after a few thoughts, I'm back
on track. Hope you guys wont get tired of waiting for the new release and some new product is coming soon..

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Zura said...

Happy New Year Mai! And I loove Nicey Jane, cantik sangat!