Saturday, January 2, 2010

My current wishlist - Books

I have Anna Maria's Seams to Me book and frankly speaking, I love her style. In her book, she said, she was raised with her grandmas & mom's work all over the room, she learnt sewing at 5? (If Im not mistaken) and that shocked me.

So, not that Im trying to be her, but I love to raised Nasya and hoping that one fine day, she will feel something like that as well. I feel like want Nasya to enjoy art and craft and who know she can make art & craft her profession one day - by showing her, involving her in everything that I do,buying fabric, cutting, pattern making, sewing, selling, etc..I love to involve her in every single thing I do..

I realised that I dont have any new books lately. So I browsed just now, and I found that these are few books I feel like to purchase...

Last time I bought the Seams To Me book thru Amazon when later I found that MPH do have that book at RM80++..So this time around I searched in AcmaMall and some of them are available there..So, Im hoping to get some of the books in few weeks time :D

Where do you usually buy books?


si kurus said...

skin pon agk br stat beli buku2 jait ni hee. stkt nih byk magazine jpon yg jual pattern2 bj.. nk try wat bj sendiri.. n mak skin dulu ade belikn skin buku jait ms br2 stat jait hee.. skin ske g sume kedai buku. le tgk2 pe yg menarik. tp acmall pon bgs gk kalo nk crk buku.. byk n murah2 ngee

Anonymous said...

mcm best je buku2 ni. tp x reti jahit wat pe dak? anyhow, camne nak blaja jahit ek?

okinokiyo said...

sikurus : i suka gak mag jepun sbb lagi mudah paham..

zam : belajar jahit start dengan successnye jahit straight line hehe

Farah said...

last time masa I pegi amcorp mall, ada ternampak satu book store yg jual buku murah..they have website

some of the craft related books listed on the website pon mcm menarik..but yet to check whether it's really available at the shop..

kat amcorp mall tu ada 2 kedai jual backdated imported magazines jugak..usually I bought mag on scrapbooking and card making..tak sure la sewing related ada tak..

I usually beli buku second hand or new kat ebay UK, coz my blogging money masuk dlm paypal and shipping from UK selalunya seminggu dah sampai compared if beli from US..otherwise I beli kat acmamall or MPH online..

okinokiyo said...

Farah : I tauu kedai armcorp mall tu, tapi sedih sbb buku sewing takder.more like quilting and i tak buat quilt so tak best and bila tanya dia ckp mmg dia tak bawak mag yg i carik tu..iskk iskk iskk

ebay UK eh?okehh tak penah tgk ebay UK..nak tgk sekarang..:D thanks!

aniza said...

i prefer KINO even tho the price at Borders slightly cheaper but Cust.Serv wise, Kino is better. Even tho I duk ceruk tah mana, ea time balik kg, I never fail to visit Kino...nowadays I seldom by english books prefer the japs w/pun baca macam si buta huruf and I like french still buta huruf...heheheh