Friday, May 14, 2010

Peacock and Red Kitchen Aid Mixer

I do not know if most of you realise or not that I am not fan of floral so much. I did have some floral prints but in some very limited stocks. I can even count how many times I bought the floral fabrics :)

I prefer loud, bright, colorful and preferably NON floral prints so much. But I love peacocks. I bought few peacocks prints and made Nasya's dresses and skirts using them but when I came through these fabrics, I knew that I MUST have all the prints in all the 3 colors.

Its a home decor fabric, which I assume the fabric weight is heavier a bit compare to the normal quilting fabric. So, maybe I will buy them to cover the future grandfather chair or future sofa. Hahaha, see how I forecast my life :p

I hope those fabric comes faster not in September as scheduled. Its so long to wait. Sigh~

Okay, this one, is dedicated to any Kitchen Aid mixer user. Especially in RED. Its also a home decor fabric, which I think I might get this as well as I plan to buy the mixer because I love to bake for the family *is this a great excuse ? hehehe*

Its gorgeous! Period. ^_^

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