Friday, May 14, 2010

The red dress

This was the dress I made and tweeted 2 days ago. Its for Nasya. At first, I thought Nasya cannot fit in, since I made the size one down from Nasya's normal size, but hey, she can fit it. So, its hers. After all, she's the official guinea pig.

A blogger friend email me asking me why dont I do dress like below,

Click the pic for the tutorial & image source

but I instead change it to the one I made as above because I was lazy to do long ruffles! Heheh..But I think the combination color I made really made the dress looks like sixties? At least my husband said that.

And Im happy with the outcome. :) I will take another new pictures when Nasya wears this I think maybe tomorrow or maybe next week. And now, Im on my gear to make skirts! Yeah, SKIRTS.



Tinn Tinn said...

nice color combo!

okinokiyo said...

thanks tini!

Si Anggerik said...

Honestly, byk2 baju ko buat aku suka yg merah nih. simple but nice. ker mebi aku skerk kaler terang2. ker sbb aku skerk plain. i dunno. less is more. so aku skerk yg ini. huhu. aku reserve design ni utk future anak aku.

okinokiyo said...

rai : ni pattern sukati from scratch, wpun mcm simple tapi mak aii, nak melekapkan tgh2 tu mcm serabut sket. sbb takder guide.

tpi comel giler okeh nasya pakai. tgh fikir nak buat kaler lain. ada orange tp mcm sami lah plak kahkahkah...

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

akak xde jual ke dress camni???comell laaaa