Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I dont know what happen to me but I think I dont have much time to update blog anymore. I just too occupied with what Im doing.

Nothing new at the moment, but I have many plans in lines and some of them are in progress. I may announce it later by end of month.

Im into books and tv programmes so much. I love to read and watch tv series. So that is the current book Im reading, title is REWORK suggested by a twitter friend. Do you know how cool twitter is? VERY I must say.. I tried to find the book at MPH, Borders (twice) and finally it's there. And its addicting and inspiring.

As much as I love to inspire people, I love to be inspired as well. So, I suggest YOU to read this book.

How you spent your weekend? I, surprisingly didnt sew during last weekend. I spent my quality time with mother in law who's coming here and my husband who just came back from his business trip.

Ok, I need to stop here. I will spill the beans by end of month. I myself could not wait!


Anonymous said...

The whole blogsphere were bz having fun at 1SK Family Day. Hang jek dok rumah! ;-p

okinokiyo said...

zam : takleh gi lah.my husband baru balik o/s. so i lepak nak mati asyik drive kehulu hilir..

Anonymous said...

oh lenkali beli buku best, beli 2 trus. s if taktau!