Monday, May 3, 2010

I love bazaar Subang Parade - 1st May 2010

I am a towkay junior... Dont play play with me. As I have BIG eyes and BIG plans as my parents. I have BIG dreams too!

I am cute too. I love to pose while my mom busy twittering all day long :p

The booth

My sister

Whole family came to support me. They took care of my booth and gave me a chance to wander to other people booths. Whole family also did some spending at other people booths. I must say the last week's bazaar was a blast. I have so many things to buy but I limit myself only RM50 max spend every week. Do come again friends and customers. You will not regret AT ALL.

I must say that best thing I got during this bazaar is to make new friends who havethe same interest which is FASHIION & SHOPPING. They are so nice (the people) and they sell good things as well. Sara from sold so many unique accessories. I was eyeing this one owl bangles & a unique ring but the second time I came both are GONE!

But I managed to buy a long blouse in cyan with tiny pink polka dots only RM30! I love it to bits. Cant wait to join the next one. I will not be there this end month because I have some family commitment, but I might be there on JUNE. Yes JUNE...Watch out this space..Who knows I might come with some new things eh? wink wink ;p


Nana said...

smlm i ade kat bazaar ni. apesal i tak pasan u. u kat line mane dear?

okinokiyo said...

Nana :babe, i ada saturday jek. Sunday takder.Maybe June nnti I amik both Sat & Sunday sbb kesian customer i semua dah tnya kenapa Sat jek..

neeza said...

comel nasya.. very the big eyes gitu.. heheh

okinokiyo said...

neeza : dia suka buat mata besar2 mcmtu. mata juling lah, semua lah..dia igt comel agaknye juling2 tuh..