Friday, June 18, 2010

Drools and more drools over the fabric

I am so into animal prints. So these are the ones that caught my eyes and I've been drooling it for quite sometimes and I will bring in some, somtime in future or sometime in end of month? Ohh end of month is next week?? Hahaha..How time flies!

I love owls but my daughter is not. She loves to see but resist to wear any with owl prints. So Im looking into birds now. Dont you think the right top is beaaaaautiful?? It is right?? Match with stripes or hot pink or lime green fabric..yummy..soo yummy!

I looked at my fabric stashed and noticed that I lacked of YELLOW. Last time, I was too much in pinks, then now I have lots of greens and purples, and now I need more yellows and blue I think :p . Hope that is a good excuse to stack more fabric yeah?

And I added this bottom banner to my coming posts, because some might not know or cant remember bigcartel shop address, so, you can just click. The orangey and green sparrow dress was sold last nite. So, I am sooo looking forward to sew more. But last nite I managed to finish one order only since my daughter was down with fever.

Okay, hope you enjoy Friday as I am, and hello weekends!



Azaidris said...

Hi mai~

I owls too. But have yet to own any prints yg ada owl. Maybe i will..soon hehehe

okinokiyo said...

Aza : you have to have cuteeee!

iswatie "colours of life" said...

mai..nak tanya nih...dlm ur sale blog tuh x ada juai online ker ponytail tuh?? kalu ada let me know how much n how to order?

okinokiyo said...

watie : dlm that blog takder. But I ada jual..A pair set at RM5. email I lah dear kalau you nak beli ok?