Sunday, June 13, 2010

Okinokiyo at BigCartel

Ok, finally I activated my bigcartel cart and updated all my products there. Reason being is, some of my customers email me and asked whether I have any ready made items? Yes, I have. And there you are..Go browse there...

I spent my Sunday doing this since I was down with diarrhea after one whole Saturday in a wedding a house warming party. I cant sleep and cant sew so much so I told my husband, help me shoot the picture.

I mentioned in previous post about my new product that will be in the bazaar. OK, actually I took the picture with the unpaid model as usual, but then I think she deleted the picture in my phone, and the one I have has no clear view of the product, and I will make sure I snap it next time. But one product which is back in the store is bloomers/pants.

I named it happy pants. Because Im using the happy stripes fabric for the front side of the pants. The back fabric is the polka dots, one in blue and another one is in pink.

This is for one year old and all the description can be found here.

Please ensure you read the FAQs before purchasing yeah? I will write more about why I retire my etsy shop.

Okie dokie. Have a nice day!


alamaya said...

oh mai, dah retire dari etsy ke?tula, i pun belum berjaya jual pape kat sana..nanti citer ehh why...

okinokiyo said...

jannah : ok kalau i free I cerita.. :)

Yulie Elveera said...

facebook + blog mmg power! u go girl..