Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun bazaar and finally my OWN rattan head

Last bazaar was fun. Super fun even tho its super tired. Why I said super tired? Because OkinokiyoShop were there for 2 days consecutively! Below are some pics before the event started. Usually the crowd will come around 12 onwards.

Fun thing was on Sunday, my sifoo - Unaisah came by and say HI! She was the person I get advise from when I was starting the business. So, seeing her was like *screammm* because she helps me a lot. Like a lot. Thanks for dropping by. Otai like Liz from Snuggbaby, Kak Milie from azgiftbaskets and zam from izzy bakery were there too! So can you see how fun is that??


new hot item! Ponytail holders & newly made business card

super yummy emergency zipper bags

So today- this morning exactly, I purchased some new fabric and I will only post the fabric once its here and these are for raya? Or for bazaar? I dont know, but please grab it as fast as you can as I don't re-order the same fabric and I only ordered in small yardage okay?

Ohh I got another fabulous news (at least to me :p) hehehe which is I already got the rattan head that Im looking for previously. And wait till I shoot all the sunhats with that fabulous head.

I thought of spraying the head in pink like hot pink or dusty pink but my husband said, just let them as they are.Yes THEM! Coz I bought two heads, which I dont know why hehehe. Maybe too excited??

8year old Cloche with rattan head

Okay, so I will see you again in by Friday as I have one or few hot newly made items!!

Bye angles... :)


alamaya said...

hi mai, tumpang seronok tgk u seronok....creativity make our life fun....:))

okinokiyo said...

jannah : thanks!!

Fara said...

bazaar ni kat mane?

aina said...

hi, mind if u share with me where u got the head rattan..? i would love 2 hv 1 or 2 :) tq.