Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eid Preparation Anyone?

Usually when Eid is just around the corner, Mommies will be busy to find who can make baju kurung for their kids. That happens to me every year. :)

This year, since months back, few customers who dropped my booth at Subang Parade asked me whether I sell baju kurung and I said NO. Then this crossed my mind, doesn't mean I dont wear it (I hardly wear baju kurung. Only during weddings and Eid) I cant sell right? So, a friend of mine is given this trust, to sew kids baju kurung for OKINOKIYO!

Current colors in stock : Blue floral, Dusty pink dots, Red floral
For baby : No mata lalat neck line.

So, Okinokiyo this year, have limited collection of baju kurung for size 6mths - 5 year old. Do drop by our booth if you want to test the baju and you can also buy by emailing me and I will provide the size guideline, etc (


Nana said...

hi mai,
see u at SP :) cekidout my doter with ur skirt :)

Anonymous said...

macik, how much is dis one? only available in 3 colors is it? ke ada kain lain in future? let me know.

Yulie Elveera said...

peh! chayokk mai

okinokiyo said...

zam : RM55 for these. later ada lagi tp a bit pricey insyaAllah :)

Yulie : thanks!

Junn said...

can't drop by ur booth at the bazaar coz have weddings :(((

anyway, have some baju kurung in yellow or maybe green pls :D

okinokiyo said...

takper I ada sampai last weekend of august.
InsyaAllah some new colors will be in for baju kurung ok? :p