Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anna Maria's Bo Peep Skirt

I think this laptop has a problem which I dont know what. The image suppose to be bigger than these but end up to be only this big. But I think that's enough.

Anyway, these are what's cooking in the oven past few days. I decided to put Anna Maria's Bo Peep skirt for sale and I tell you they are gorgeous.

I dont know I like ruffles until I finished those three skirts. They are fun in the colors- as usual and they are ruffles! I love ruffles and surprisingly my husband loves them too. It was so unexpected when he woke up in the morning and saw one skirt I made for Nasya and he said, "Eh nicelah this one! Like a princess" Truly like a princess but at the same time I think it can goes with the not-that-princess-type of girl too like my dearly Nasya.

I made size 2, 3 & 4 for sale in the bazaar during the weekend, so if you wanna try, do drop by. I take custom order as well for this skirt because it was sooo FUN doing it and so many possibilities of fabric combination I can come out when making this skirt. I also came out with my own measurement when making this because the original size following the book it somehow emm, bigger than it should be.

A closer view of the skirt.
This is size 2 of Bo Peep Skirt.

Front view

Side view

*The ruffles are at both side of the skirt and the front and back skirt is the same.* Do you notice that you can match with any colors of t-shirt with this skirt? It F-U-N!!

And as usual, fabric can be chosen from the Facebook album. Due to my busy-ness for bazaar preparation, I will start making orders this Monday. So, if you have any queries, you know what to do, email me at

Bye angels!


Zura said...

Gorgeous Mai!! Your fabric combos are awesome I'm sure these will sell like hotcakes!

okinokiyo said...

zura : welcome back! :) yeah this skirt is super fun! and you tau lah I suka all the screaming colors :D