Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I love bazaar

OkinokiyoShop @ I Love Bazaar

Did anybody see the above and left side banner? I will be participating again in the ILOVEBAZAAR fashion bazaar @ Subang Parade.

So now Im quite busy preparing new skirts and one or two new accessories or items..

Will shoot the picture sometime later in afternoon and share with you. So, to those who have no plans yet during the weekends, drop by yeah?? Do come so that you wont miss the items you like as I will not/very very seldom repeat fabric/designs of the items I sell.

We will be there ALL days as stated in the banner. How cool is that? :)

1 comment:

azzamoro said...

ok boleh dtg melawat u end of july or august sebab dah abeh pantang. keke